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Kyoshi Carlos S. Velez II [<b>RIP</b>]
Kyoshi Carlos S. Velez II [RIP]: Executive Board Advisor - Historian
Rank: 7th Degree - Nanadan
Personal comments

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration


Carlos Salvador Velez II, Martial Artist, writer and consultant, holds black belts in Nisei Goju Ryu, Kyokushinkai and Rônin Goju Ryu Kai®.

A native of Puerto Rico, he began studying Goju Ryu Karate in 1966. In 1967 he joined Sensei Roberto T. Rios and Mas Oyama's International Karate Organization, the Kyokushinkai Kan. Velez was concerned about karate tournaments and the judging in the island and was instrumental in bringing the AAU Karate program to Puerto Rico. He was appointed Chairman of the program in 1982. During his presidency, Puerto Rico's first AAU Karate Referee's clinic and AAU Karate tournament were held.

Velez also lived in Canyon, Texas, where he served as Mas Oyama's representative and as an instructor at the West Texas State University Kyokushin Karate Association. The student government and the P.E. Department approved this association. Then, he was under Shihan Bobby Lowe.

"Suso" Velez is a member in good standing with:

Rônin Goju Ryu Kai® International Karate Organization

Nisei Goju Ryu Karate-Do Organization

International Society of Okinawan-Japanese Karate-Do

Kyokushinkai Kan

International Santen Karate Association

International Rônin Martial Arts Federation

World Head of Family Sokeship Council

Ashihara Karate International

American Federation of Martial Artists

American Kyokushin Karate Organization

Okinawan karate Federation

Shoshin Karate Do (New York and Puerto Rico)

He has trained under Roberto T. Rios, Jose A. Martinez, Jose R. Conde, Frank Ruiz, Fernando Caraballo and Carlos H. Montalvo. He has also attended seminars sponsored by, Jae Hwa Kwon, Bill Wallace, Seiyu Oyata, David and Kickan Cook and John Farrell.

Velez was exposed to Martial Arts Journalism for the first time in 1975 with K-Arte Marcial Karate magazine, in Puerto Rico. In the last twenty-seven years his articles, as a free-lance writer, have been read in all kinds of Martial Arts publications in the USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. He currently writes for Florida's The Karate Voice, New York's Action Martial Arts News and Puerto Rico's Artes Marciales en Acción.

He has been the object of many awards and appointments through the years. Some most dear to him are: a Citation by the House of Representatives of Boston, MA, for his first "20 years in the study of Karate and his commitment to the development of the body and mind through the Martial Arts." Certificates of appreciation conferred by the following: World Taekwondo Federation, Semai Do Karate and Puerto Rico Kyokushin Karate. He is a three-time Journalism Award Hall of Famer. Recently, Velez was awarded the Title of Renshi by the International Santen Karate Association. He is a consultant/advisor for several of the Martial Arts organizations mentioned above and a Good-Will Ambassador for the Rônin Brotherhood, LLC.

Kyoshi Carlos "Suso" Velez is a distinguished member of Rônin Brotherhood, LLC., where among many vitals roles, he is an Executive Advisor, Technical and Historical Advisor, as well as Librarian.

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