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Sensei Carlos Jose Montalvo
Sensei Carlos Jose Montalvo: Executive Board Scribe
Rank: 2nd Dan

Sensei Carlos Jose Montalvo

Sensei Carlos Jose Montalvo is the oldest of Hanshi Montalvo's son. He has been practicing martial arts since he was four (4) years of age. During his 18 years in Karate he has trained in other styles with outstanding Instructors from Puerto Rico and Canada such as: Pr National Champion Kyoshi Hector Sotomayor from Shotokan Karate obtaining Orange belt in Puerto Rico; with Kyoshi Javier Martinez from Isshinryu Karate obtaining yellow belt; with Hanshi Rodney Willis and Kyoshi Frank Verbakel from Shorin Ryu Karate obtaining purple belt; with World Kick Boxing Champion Hanshi Freddy Lopez of Kick Boxing and Shindo Ryu Karate; with Hanshi Diego Cardin and Kyoshi Edwin Lopez-Navedo from Chito Ryu Karate obtaining brown belt and in Ronin Goju Ryu Karate with Shihan Adette Rice and Shihan James Fries and of course with Hanshi Montalvo himself obtaining the current rank of Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt). Sensei CJ Montalvo has competed in various Karate Championships in Canada, Ohio, Puerto Rico and Florida, placing in the three first positions in all the competitions. The most noticeable wins as a black belt has been the 2007 Florida Cosmopolitan Hall of Fame Championship where he won the first places in Kumite and Kata. Sensei CJ Montalvo also competed in the 2009 US Open World Championships where he won the World Championship in Kata with other black belts competitors from the 1st to 3rd Degree Black Belts from twenty two (22) countries. What add more credit to Sensei CJ accomplishments is that normally a tall person do not have good chances to look good in executing forms (Kata) and Sensei CJ Montalvo is 6'5" tall.

Sensei CJ has trained in Police Defensive Tactics techniques. Presently Sensei CJ Montalvo is a college student of Political Sciences with the goal of becoming an attorney. He is one of the Assistant Instructors at the Hombu dojo of Ronin Goju Ryu Kai World Karate Association along with his brother Juan Carlos Montalvo Shodan (1st Degree) Black Belt. Presently Sensei CJ Montalvo is the "Scribe" of the Ronin Brotherhood LLC Executive Board.

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Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo Founder

Benitez Esq.

Renshi Joseph E. Benitez Esq.
Secretary General Executive Board Legal Advisor


Kyoshi Jesus Cendán
Executive Board Advisor


Kyoshi Phillip H. Davis
Executive Board Advisor


Kyoshi Robert O'Neil
Executive Board Advisor

Velez II [<b>RIP</b>]

Kyoshi Carlos S. Velez II [RIP]
Executive Board Advisor - Historian


Renshi Dai Daniel F. Benitez
Executive Board Advisor

Best Jr.

Shihan William Best Jr.
Executive Board Advisor


Kyoshi Dr. Richard Velazquez Dr.
Executive Board Advisor


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