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November 18, 2005

Canada 11/2005
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TeamRonin_cnts.jpg On November 09, 2005 people from different places within Canada, also from Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and from as far away as Puerto Rico, started arriving to Niagara Falls, Ontario and finally to St. Catherine also in Ontario with one common goal: a weekend of Pure and Excellent Martial Arts Seminars and friendship!!!

The event was coordinated under the auspices of the World Fraternity of Martial Arts (WFMA) a Martial Arts Competition circuit based in Canada and directed by Rodney S. Willis 9°, Hanshi. The Winter Camp was also sponsored by Rônin Brotherhood, LLC, directed by Carlos H. Montalvo 9°, Hanshi and the International Bushi-Te (Kobudo) Federation.

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Hanshi _Renshis111305s.jpg
Hanshi & Renshis Fries and Rice


Hanshi & Ronin Friends


Renshi Adette Inflicting Pain


Ronin Camp Team.jpg
Ronin delegation at the WFMA/Ronin Training Camp St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada on November 2005


Ronin Guy in Painful Technique


Sensei Junkes, Kata


Shihan Enrique "Ricky" Adames & Sensei Perrotta



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