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Circa 1973 Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo with his brother Kyoshi Miguel A. Montalvo training for one of Hanshi's Full Contact Bouts.


Shihan Robert O'Neil Yoko Tobi Geri circa 1986


Circa 1978 Hanshi Montalvo with Sensei Angie Torres holding a Coca Cola can while standing on a chair in PR Dojo.


Kyoshi Donald McNatt IRMAF member and Shihan Philip Davis WRGRK Exc. Board Member circa 1964


Flying Kaicho I circa 1978 with good oldtimes friends Sensei Ramon Domenech and Sensei Willie Pyatt.


Flying Kaicho II circa 1978


Hansi Montalvo fighting World Champion Paul Knight circa 1986 for first. Center referee GM Ruben Fong


Hanshi Montalvo and Hanshi Saavedra during a Sansei International trip to Venezuela


6/24/06, International Masters Assosiation Championships, Columbus, Oh. in which Hanshi celebratade his big 50 competing.


Hanshi Montalvo in a Grand Champion bout with Rep. Dom, Champ Puello - TKD 1982


Photo of GM Hanshi Saavedra (pictured on the right) founder of World Sansei Goju Ryu Organization. At Urban's Chinatown Dojo circa early 70's


Ronin Archive 002.jpg
1981 Mayaguez PR Shaolin Tsu Kempo Tournament


Ronin Archive 007.jpg
1993 Guaynabo Goju Ryu Dojo


Ronin Archive 011.jpg
1987 Hanshi Miguel Montalvo, Hanshi Manny Saavedra & Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo, San Sebastian Sansei Goju Dojo


Ronin Archive 022.jpg
1994 Jax. Florida Hanshi Montalvo sparring against GM Sifu Gearge Craigton


Ronin Archive 031.jpg
1994 Miami Vice Karate Team members Super Hvy. Wt. World Champ Bart Vale, World Camp James Sisco & Kaicho Montalvo


Ronin Archive 032.jpg
1979 Kaicho Montalvo doing some Tameashi Wari


Ronin Archive 033.jpg
Kaicho Montalvo cutting an apple. Pay attention to the precision cut of the apple.


Ronin Archive 036.jpg
1974 Kaicho demonstrating a kekomi yoko geri.


Ronin Archive 038.jpg
Kaicho's ushiro mawashi geri.


Sansei FIU students participants Hanshi Montalvo 1997 Caribbean Cup Classic Championship, Moca Puerto Rico


Shihan Bob O'Neil and Sister Heather circa 1984


Shihan Carlos S. Velez II


Shihan Carlos Suso Velez


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Ronin November Practice
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