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RoninFndrs2001snt.jpg These are photographs of good friends and excelent martial artists, who encouraged and supported the creation of the Ronin Brotherhood groups. From lunch conversations, napkins drawings, friendly discussions the idea of Ronin emerged. Be able to listen to the wisdom shared by real life warriors such as Renshi Joseph Benitez and his brother Sensei Danny, Shihan Tito Cendan, Shihan Suso Velez, Shihan Phil Davis among others, the Ronin's motto of Loyalty, Respect and Dedication was created.

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Hanshi Montalvo & Sensei Ramos 2002 Upon conclusionof Sensei Ramos test for the 3rd Dan




GFightingCarr-Vilo 2001s.jpg
Sensei Ozzie and Sensei Ian Ground Fun 2002/During his test for the 3rd Dan


Hanshi Montalvo providing seminar to Shihan Verbakles young students Canada 2005


Hanshi Montalvo sharing MA's wisdom with the little ones, Shihan Verbakle's Dojo - Canada


Hanshi putting a little spice into kumite, Canada 2003


Ronin Goju Ryu Kai student Carlos J. Montalvo Jr., Green Belt Sept. 2005.


Sensei Rafy Rodriguez Arm Bar 2005


Sensei Rafy Inflicting Surprising Pain! 2005


Renshi Fries Atemi, Hanshi w/Renshi Rice Canada, 2005


Renshi Fries and Shihan Dai Verbakle Canada


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Ronin Archive 004.jpg


Ronin Archive 005.jpg


Ronin Archive 009.jpg


Ronin Archive 010.jpg


Ronin Archive 012.jpg


Ronin Archive 015.jpg


Ronin Archive 016.jpg


Ronin Archive 017.jpg


Ronin Archive 023.jpg


Ronin Archive 024.jpg


Ronin Goju Ryu Kai Founders 2000


Ronin Goju Founders II


Shihan Davis, Hanshi Montalvo & Sensei Best 2005


Sensei Best upon Promotion to the 3rd Dan by and with Hanshi 2005


Sensei Ian Carr Having a Stretching Session 2001


Shihan Bob O'Neil sharing the Mat with Sensei Mingo 2002 Florida


Sensei Best Center Referee


Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo, classic Seiza Dachi in front of the Shomen of Driftwood Martial Arts, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (Renshi Adette Rice's Dojo) 03-2005


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   Ronin November Practice
Ronin November Practice
Dec 31, 2006
(26 images)
   Ronin Practice 11/18/2006
Ronin Practice 11/18/2006
Nov 18, 2006
(6 images)
   Ronin  black belt testing and practice.
Ronin black belt testing and practice.
Sep 23, 2006
(19 images)
   2006 Ronin Training Camp
2006 Ronin Training Camp
Aug 19, 2006
(38 images)
   Canada 11/2005
Canada 11/2005
Nov 18, 2005
(7 images)
   Ceremonial Presentation at White Tiger Martial Arts
Ceremonial Presentation at White Tiger Martial Arts
Aug 20, 2005
(31 images)
   Kaicho promoted to the Title of Hanshi
Kaicho promoted to the Title of Hanshi
Jul 17, 2005
(8 images)
   Canada Kobudo Seminar March 2005
Canada Kobudo Seminar March 2005
(10 images)
   Archive Vault
Archive Vault
(24 images)


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