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July 17, 2005

Kaicho promoted to the Title of Hanshi
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canada-camp135snt.jpg Promotion of the Kaicho to the Kudan (9 Degree) and to the title of Hanshi. Ontario, Canada July 17, 2005.

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Advance Belts from different organizations and schools united with the common goal of presenting their respects and greetings to the Karate Masters being promoted to the 9th Dan. 07/17/05


Juan Carlos, Hanshi Montalvo, Carlos Jose, Jonnathan and Nathan 0717'05


Three Hanshi with Karate Crowd after Historical Rank Promotion 07/17/05


Carlos Jose, Hanshi Legacy, Hanshi Montalvo, Jonnathan, Hanshi Willis, Juan Carlos-0717'05


Shihan Dai Frank Verbakle and Carlos Jose Montalvo


Ronin Goju Ryu Kai National Director Canada, Renshi Adette Rice 4th Dan and husband Darren Chapman with Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo's promotion to the 9th Dan 07/17/05


Rodney S. Willis, Hanshi, Carlos H. Montalvo, Hanshi, Gary Legacy, Hanshi with Elora's Mayor


Pictures of two friends; Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo Ronin Brotherhood Kaicho and Hashi Gary Legacy, founder of Legacy Shorin Ryu Karate-Jitsu, upon their promtion to the 9th Degree, Ontario, Canada



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