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January 30, 2007

Ronin Celebs
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Grand Master Michael DePasquale Jr with Hanshi Montalvo


Ronin Intern. members Grand Master Kyoshi Eddie Perez, Hanshi Montalvo, Master Luisito Cruz & Grand Master Hanshi Dr. Michael Willett


World Champion Grand Master Hanshi Joe Hess with old time friend Hanshi Montalvo


World Champ GM Bill Wallace with old time friend Hanshi Montalvo


In 1989, World Champions Wallace, Tony Palmore, Bart Vale and Montalvo among others traveled to Equator for a Full Contact event changing to 3 airplanes due to engines problems, Hess is listening.


Grand Master Vincent Marchetti with Hanshi Montalvo


World Champion Master Tony Chung from Macho Equipment. Hanshi purchased his new sparring shoes.


Spectators of the Macho Equipment Demonstration


Grand Master Sifu Alan Glodberg who called himself


World Champion Grand Master Sifu Eric Lee


Great Grand Master James Lau and his enormous fist.


Grand Master Jonathan Stewart, Grand Master Kyoshi Daniel Torres


Sempai Vicky Schwarz and Master Shihan Jens Fricke (Ronin Police Germany) with Founder Montalvo


Movie Actor and Martial Artist Michael Jai White (


World Champion Steve Shepperd with Hanshi


Hanshi, Grand Masters Joe Torres, Daniel Torres & Eddie Perez


UFC World Champion Dan


Action Martial Arts Magazine Editor Dr. Michael Williett with Hanshi


Grand Master Sifu Oscar, Hanshi and Kyoshi Perez


Goju practitioners Grand Master Hanshi Kevin McGrath & Hanshi Montalvo


IMG_0254 (2).JPG
World Champion Master Don Wilson & Hanshi Montalvo


Ronin Archive 006.jpg
World Champion Hanshi 10th Dan Joe Hess


Ronin Archive 026.jpg
Grand Masters Cecil Peoples and Willie Hernandez from Hawaiian Kenpo and GM Orlamdo Rodriguez from Intern. Okinawan Kempo.


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   Ronin November Practice
Ronin November Practice
Dec 31, 2006
(26 images)
   Ronin Practice 11/18/2006
Ronin Practice 11/18/2006
Nov 18, 2006
(6 images)
   Ronin  black belt testing and practice.
Ronin black belt testing and practice.
Sep 23, 2006
(19 images)
   2006 Ronin Training Camp
2006 Ronin Training Camp
Aug 19, 2006
(38 images)
   Canada 11/2005
Canada 11/2005
Nov 18, 2005
(7 images)
   Ceremonial Presentation at White Tiger Martial Arts
Ceremonial Presentation at White Tiger Martial Arts
Aug 20, 2005
(31 images)
   Kaicho promoted to the Title of Hanshi
Kaicho promoted to the Title of Hanshi
Jul 17, 2005
(8 images)
   Canada Kobudo Seminar March 2005
Canada Kobudo Seminar March 2005
(10 images)
   Historical Photos
Historical Photos
(32 images)
   Archive Vault
Archive Vault
(24 images)


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