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December 31, 2006

Ronin November Practice
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ACF368B.jpg Another great Ronin practice at the Florida Hombu Dojo. During this November practice our two special guests were OPP Sgt. Sensei Wayne MacDonald from Ronin Goju ryu Kai, Ontario, Canada and Dr. Diego Cardin from International Ronin, Puerto Rico.

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Ronin Gr. Hanshi Alicea, Sensei Candelaria, Renshi Torres, Prof. Torres, Shihan Durand, Hanshi Montalvo, Hanshi Cardin, Velazquez, Back Rivera, Shihan Pererz, me, Sensei MacDonald, Kyoshi McNatt.


Kihons is the basic of a good and effective practice. My brother Juan Carlos (Yellow Belt).


The classes were directed by many of the masters in attendance. Here GM Hanshi Oscar Alicea teaching the basics.


Sensei Dave Candelaria retired NY Correction Dept. with Sensei Wayne MacDonald a soon to be retire as a Sgt. from the Ontario Provincial Police Dept. Canada.


Both Sensei practicing ippon kumite.


The participants observing and learning from the masters.


Kyoshi Don McNatt assisting others during execution of Taisabaki against uchiro mawashi geri.


Renshi Harrison Torres with Shihan Frank Perez during ippon kumite section.


My father Hanshi Carlos Montalvo during self defense section.


Hanshi Montalvo demonstrating the basic for ippon kumite with one of his student Renshi Torres.


At the end an effective chocking technique.


The high ligh of the day was when Kyoshi McNatt share with us parts of his next book on kumite.


All our Ronin practice always have the sparring section.


MacDonald and Candelaria had a great time scoring on each other.


Hanshi Diego Carding like always was in the middle of the action.


Now is the turn for a Grand Master against a master. The techniques and control execution the Hanshi Alicea and Renshi Torres displayed was superb.


Then my turn against a very quick and excellent fighter in the person of Shihan Frank Perez.


The Sparring highlight of the day, Hanshi Diego Cardin and Kyoshi Don McNatt. The Gyaku zuki was the technique of the day.


Then my father with his great friend Kyoshi Daniel Torres.


They had a great time.


Professor Torres attempted some sweeps and take downs, with negative results.


The speed shown by these warrios was simply amazing.


Another attempt. It was a lot of fun to watch them.


Hanshi Alicea demonstrating his Shinkage Ryu Iaido.


Hanshi Alicea gave a class on Iaido.


As my father request, Hanshi Alicea executed and amazing Iaido Kata.


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