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November 18, 2006

Ronin Practice 11/18/2006
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Ronin Practice 008.jpg Another great Traditional Karate Practice. The instructors were three Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees, Kyoshi 7th dan Donald McNatt, Professor Daniel Torres 8th Dan and Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo, Founder of Ronin Martial Arts Groups. Everybody enjoyed good hard kicking drills, competitions sparring techniques and excellent ground Self Defense. Three strainght hours of good brotherhood training. The old timers exchanged kicks and punches with a more young generation of martial artists. What surprised me the most was the outstanding control of all the participants. It is so admirable to see a 65 years old black belt executing clean lighting techniques to other good figthers. Recently, I had the opportunity to train with two of my fathers old time students Shihan Luis "Cano" Durand (6th Dan) and Renshi Harrison Torres (5th Dan) at an open area in a park. My father directed the practice and the sparring drills were outstanding. The speed and movements of these warriors are superb. Anthony Durand a yellow belt who waited 270 lbs moved like a 150 lbs figther. I am so fortunate to be able to train with them. Yours in the Bushido Carlos Jose Montalvo - Brown Belt Ronin Goju Ryu Kai, Florida.

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Kyoshi Don McNatt, Kyoshi Daniel Torres, Sensei Dave Candelaria, Hanshi and me, Carlos Jose


Hanshi Montalvo who was recently inducted as Founder of the Year by Florida Martial Arts hall of Fame, here with Ronin Goju Ryu new student Lt. Raul Velazquez, a Defensive Tactics Instructor


Ronin Practice 002.bmp
Don McNatt directing another good traditional class at the Florida Dojo. Among the students is my good friend Ron Minter Jr.


Ronin Practice 005.jpg
During all our practices we go to the ground with Kyoshi Torres who is demonstrating some Dantor Ryu Ju-Jitsu ground techniques to Kyoshi McNatt and new Ronin Goju Member Sensei Candelaria


Ronin Practice 007.jpg
Hanshi Montalvo with Kyoshi Donald McNatt who was recently recognized with a PhD in Martial Arts Sciences by the International Black Belt Hall of Fame.


Ronin Practice 010.jpg
Hanshi with new Ronin Goju Ryu Kai black belt and retired NYPD officer, Dave Candelaria also a black belt in Aikido and Shorin Ryu, former student of Charles "La Pantera" Bonet from NY..



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