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September 23, 2006

Ronin black belt testing and practice.
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ACFB27.jpg Ronin Black Belts Practice

By Sempai Carlos Jose Montalvo

On September 23, 2006, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, the following Ronin Members got together at a dojo in Florida to witness the Ronin Goju Ryu Kai Karate Shodan Test of Sensei Scott Dahl from Glynco, Georgia. Sensei Woody Best did an outstanding job in preparing Sensei Dahl, who is already a Black Belt in Ishinnryu Karate and a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center along with Sensei Best. Congratulations to Sensei Dahl for his performance during his test specially the sparring section. As a surprise, Sensei Best coordinated with Hanshi Montalvo and Gakusei (student) Rolando Alvarez was tested and promoted to the 9th Kyu (Yellow Belt). Alvarez, Dahl and Best are Federal Agents and their street alertness and malice was present during their entire practice.

We began the practice with warm up exercises consisting in stretching, punching, kicking and blocking conducted alternately by Hanshi Alicea, Kyoshi Torres, Kyoshi McNatt and Renshi Torres. We discussed and practiced Ronin Police Defensive Tactics techniques. Then Kyoshi Torres emphasized ground techniques and we finished with Hanshi Alicea’s Shinkage Iaido for the enjoyment of all the audience. Kyoshi McNatt, known as the second foreigner in obtaining the Nidan by the JKA (1960s) shared with all of us his vast knowledge in traditional karate.

During the recess, we stop at a lounge and exchange techniques during verbal kumite. The different martial arts backgrounds from this instructors/masters brought to the table a huge variety of techniques and applications in a true Ronin Brotherhood atmosphere. After the practice we all went to Hanshi Montalvo's home and my Mom was waiting for us with a typical Puerto Rican's ärroz con pollo". Meanwhile Hanshi Montalvo and the other Law Enforcement Sensei exchanged defensive tactics techniques and opinions. It was a great day. These are the players. For more details please see attached photographs.

Hanshi Carlos Montalvo 9th Dan

Hanshi Oscar Alicea 9th Dan

Kyoshi Daniel Torres 8th Dan

Kyoshi Donald McNatt 7th Dan

Renshi Harrison Torres 5th Dan

Sensei Woody Best 3rd Dan

Sensei Scott Dalh 1st Dan

Sempai Carlos J. Montalvo Brown Belt 3rd Kyu

Gakusei Rolando Alvarez 10th Kyu

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Kyoshi Torres teaching ground fighting


L to R Renshi Torres, Hanshi Montalvo & Sensei Best supervising BB test.


Sensei Dahl doing kumite with Renshi Torres


Hanshi Alicea doing kumite with Gakusei Alvarez


Hanshi Alicea giving a hardtime to Alvarez


The players L to R: Dahl, Alvarez, Alicea, McNatt, Torres, Montalvo Jr, Montalvo, Torres & Best


Ronin Goju Ryu Kai Black Belt Diploma presented to Sensei Scott Dahl.


Renshi Harrison Torres reunited with old Sensei Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo


During recess at the lounge discussing Ronin strategies.


Kyoshi Donald McNatt waiting for his trun.


Sensei Woody Best analysing the subject.


The players sharing experiences among themselves.


Hanshi Montalvo sharing his street fighting experiences.


Hanshi Alicea sharing Iaido techniques


Sempai Carlos Jose Montalvo attacking Hanshi Alicea with the Bokken.


The Orlando's Boys,


Group Shizentai lineup.


Sensei Dahl after his black belt test while Kyoshi McNatt enjoyed the scenery


neck crank.bmp
Sensei Dahl practicing inmobilization/extrangulation techniques.



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