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August 19, 2006

2006 Ronin Training Camp
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2006rtc.jpg 2006 Caribbean Ronin Training Camp

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Hanshi Montalvo receiving a recognition from Hanshi Cardin and Kyoshi Lopez from PR Chito Ryu Org.


Former PR Nat. Champion Shihan Ricky Adames Esq. with Carlos Jose.


Sparring Instructors, L to R, GM Michael Willett, Shihan Luisito Cruz and Kyoshi Edwin Lopez.


Lto R, Mrs. Montalvo with Hanshi Montalvo's nieces Linsey and Larissa and Johnny and Gail with Juan Carlos


Sempai Carlos Jose Montalvo with Sensei Mickey Young


Hanshi Montalvo with Sensei Luis Sanchez (Shotokan) from the PRPD Sort/Swat during 12 hrs. tactical training


Master Camareno with the group after his Tameashiwari demonstration.


As a request of Hanshi Montalvo, Professor Torres showed his power by tearing in half a Phonebook before the eyes of all the Camp partcipants


Soke Ignacio Moreira teaching his Kobudo seminar.


Grand Masters. L to R Kyoshi Vivider Vazquez, Kyoshi Maria Cruz, Soke Ignacio Moreira, Soke Rodney Willis, Hanshi Montalvo, Hanshi Diego Cardin, GM Michael Willet, Kancho Ramon Rivera Kyoshi E. Lopez


Soke Moreira using the Yawara.


Carlos Jose Montalvo receiving his brown belt for Kyoshi Edwin Lopez-Navedo.


Kyoshi Correa practicing with Bo with our Canadian Chuck Hetherington.


Shihan Hector Sotomayor and family with the Montalvos sibblings.


One of the many groups picture.


Sensei Guillermo Medina PRPD Lt. and Sensei Santitos Ruiz MD


Compadres Sifu Alex Castro with his partner Sensei Luis Sanchez both members of PRPD SORT/SWAT .


Hotel Pool Bar Party


PR Port Authority Police training in the use of the Expandable Baton.


Hotel view.jpg
Hotel Ballrooms view.


Hanshi Carlos Montalvo with one of his Ronin Goju Black Belts Wayne MacDonald an Ontario Police Sgt.


Masters - Standing L to R. Renshi James Fries, Renshi Adette Rice, Shihan Luis Cruz, Kyoshi Vivider Vazquez, Shihan Luis Durand, Kyoshi Raymond Correa, Shihan Frank Vebakel & Renshi Edgardo Sanchez


Carlos Jose displaying his Ronin and Chito Ryu Diplomas flanked by Resnhi Rice and Fries


Some of the female Ronin camp's participants.


Exchanging techniques during the Rape Prevention Seminar.


Some of the Canadian and Puerto Rican Rape Prevention Seminar participants to include in the center the Instructors Maria Ruiz and Adette Rice


Hanshi Montalvo with Renshi Rice and Fries and Black Belts from Ronin Goju Ryu Kai Canada.


Self Defense Seminar in another of the ballrooms.


Professor Daniel Torres from Dantor Ryu JuJitsu presenting Shodan ranks to Eddie Torres, Gilbert Monserrate, Rafael Burgos and Rafael Rodriguez.


Hanshi Montalvo presenting the 1st Degree Black Belt in Dantor Ryu Jutjitsu to veteran martial artist Gilbert Monserrate


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